Hating Stoke City

As the new season approaches I can feel the buzz around what, in theory, should be the greatest Premier League season ever. I also have my own personal sense of excitement as I watch my precious Leeds United fight for promotion. However, whilst my heart wants Leeds to be back where they belong, my head doesn’t. I love Leeds United, and have ever since I can remember, but in the last 12 years I have loved the Premier League just as much. My fear is that if Leeds do get promoted it will ruin the immense enjoyment I get from watching the best league in the world. Now, at this point, all Leeds fans will be wanting my head on a stick, but let me explain how I have come to this crossroads.


Every two years I get the pumped up as a major tournament arrives. Yet, come June 1st, my feelings start to change, the enjoyment goes, my heart rate starts to rise and I spend my time working out every possible outcome for England, hating every other nation in the process; all because I want England to win. However, when England failed to qualify for the Euros in 2008 I loved watching every game during this tournament. The brilliance of Spain, Holland beating the French 4-1, and Greece just not turning up to defend their title. I could just sit down with a beer and enjoy high quality international football without feeling like I was about to have a heart attack.


I feel that, if Leeds did make it back to the Premier League, I would hate every team in the division as much as I hate every other nation at major tournaments. I would hate teams like Stoke City, a middle table team who sometimes shock teams. There isn’t anything to hate about Stoke, but if Leeds got promoted I would hate everything about Stoke. I would hate Mark Hughes for leaving Fulham (a middle table team at the time) because they lacked ambition and then he took a job at Stoke. I would hate Bojan for never living up to his FM promise and ending up at Stoke City. I would hate the saying ”But can he do it on a cold rainy night in stoke” because he’s Lionel Messi – the greatest Football player of all time, of course he can do it at Stoke – it’s bloody Stoke! I really don’t want to hate Stoke or any other Premier League Side, but I know I would if Leeds were in the division.


So I am stuck in between my love for Leeds and my love for the Premier League. 


At the moment, and most likely for the foreseeable future, I know I will be able to enjoy both without any sense of guilt or anger. However, when the day comes that Leeds are ‘Marching on Together’ through the premier league, I will sit back take my newly prescribed Ramipril and get ready to give the rest of the premier league hell.

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