In off the Shin

As Sam Allardyce is named England manager, the discussion on what is correct style of football you should be playing at the elite level starts again. Sam Allardyce is known for playing a very direct long ball game which some people feel has had its day at the top level of football & to a certain extent I agree.

 However I only agree when I am watching football from a neutrals point of view. If I am watching the two Manchester teams in a six pointer for the title, I don’t want balls hoofing forward and a tap in from a deflection off a player’s shin winning the game. I want lovely one touching passing, I want intricate perfectly timed through balls and bottom corner finishes giving the keeper no chance. I want it to blow my mind and make me remember why I love this beautiful game so much.

 However if Leeds or England were playing I couldn’t care less about all that fancy shit. All I care about is winning & if winning means hoofing the ball forward and a tap in off a players shin, then so be it. Sam Allardyce has shown throughout his career that these tactics work and if something works you just don’t change because it doesn’t look nice. If that was what people did my wife would of left me years ago.

 I still don’t get West Ham fans and their ridiculous notion that their team should of been playing more attractive football during Big Sam’s reign as manager. You’re West Ham not Bayern Munich, I mean no offence I do actually like West Ham. I just struggle to understand the problem they had with Big Sam’s tactics. He got them promoted from the championship, The most difficult league in football, their lowest finish under Sam was 13th in the Premier League. The things I would do to see Leeds finish 13th in the Premier league I couldn’t even write down. I watched England this summer play the nicest football I have ever seen England play & look what happened there. Maybe an Andy Carroll type player would have made a difference against Slovakia and Iceland.

 As football fan’s we want the best football to be showcased, so we can sit back and enjoy the elite players play elite football. However as football supporters we want our teams to win and if that’s means it looks more Jay Z then Beyoncé so be it.


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