No Changing of the Guard

Last season, we saw one of the greatest sport achievements of all of time, when Leicester City won the Premier league title, at odds of 5000-1. Has Leicester’s achievement changed the football landscape forever? Well for me, the answer is no, the only thing Leicester winning the league has done is make the so called “big clubs” wake up and realise that they have all become complacent and it has made them react accordingly. We have seen the introduction of Pep Guardiola at Man City, the return of the special one to Man Utd – with Ibracadabra alongside him and Martello (the hammer) Conte at Chelsea. All these giants of European Football here in the Premier League, off the back of Leicester City triumph.

However, the introduction of all these managers does play nicely into Leicester City’s hands. They will have no pressure on them at all, no-one expects Leicester to even come close to defending their title and, even if they bomb out of the Champions League, no one will think anything negative towards Leicester. As long as they don’t get relegated, we will all say they have had a good season. This isn’t because we will believe Leicester have had a good season, it will be because we will be blinded by the fact the bar has now been raised in the Premier League. We won’t care how well they are actually doing because we will be so fixated on what the bigger clubs are doing to care about Leicester’s season. This may seem like a harsh comment, however it is the truth.

As football fans we love to watch underdogs do well but, when the underdogs go back to being just a middle of the road team, we lose interest. All the build up to this season has been geared towards the bigger clubs, talking about all their transfers, training regimes and their aspirations for the season. The only time I see Leicester’s name mentioned is when we have rumours about their top players leaving. I would love to see another surprise package and that teams will feel they can do “a Leicester City”, however I just don’t see it happening again. I feel all we will see is the gap in the division widening further.


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