Big Sam’s Captain

As we await confirmation on who will be England’s next captain, I would like to take a look at the possible candidates in a little more detail.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney: the current England & Manchester United captain. Wayne has shown, during his tenure as captain for club and country, how to be a leader. However, now his club football is not guaranteed at Manchester United, his position as captain for England may become untenable. I do like Wayne Rooney, and he is by far the most experienced member of the team, however I do personally believe his time with England is numbered and, as captain, your place should never be in doubt. So, therefore, I expect we will have a new captain come 4th September.

Gary Cahill

Gary Cahill is the current England vice-captain. Cahill is vastly experienced and has played at the top level of football for a long time, however recently Cahill’s performances haven’t been up to the standard required. Like Wayne Rooney, Gary Cahill’s position within the England first team is currently undecided. This is mainly because we have seen Jon Stones emerge and because of Chris Smalling being the most consistent defender in the Premier League. Taking everything into account, I believe the captaincy may have come a little late for Gary Cahill.

Joe Hart

England’s number 1 could possibly be England’s captain. He has the Spirit, experience and the drive to lead the England team . He also plays a position where he can read the game and organise his team accordingly. However, Joe Hart shouldn’t be England’s number 1. If he played at a mid-table side he wouldn’t have seen in anywhere near England’s goal. Every goal we conceded at the Euro’s was Joe Harts fault. Frazier Foster holds two records for keeping conservative clean sheets and is still England’s number 2. My personal opinion aside, Joe Hart focus needs to solely be on improving his current England form and not the captaincy.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is currently the best England Striker we have. He is also young and will be around in the England squad for at least another 10-15 years. He did have a terrible Euro’s, but it was his first taste of tournament football, he has also single handily carried Spurs for the last two seasons. I believe Harry is a future leader at Spurs, and possibly England, however his focus needs to be on improving at International level. For this reason, I don’t believe he is ready yet.

Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson is the current Liverpool captain. Even at a young age, he is a leader of one of the biggest teams in the world. The only problem with Jordan is his current injury record, which has cost him a guaranteed place within in England midfield. He also has stiff competition for his place at both club and country. For Jordan his main focus needs to be staying fit and cementing his place in the centre of England’s midfield. Therefore,I don’t believe he will be England’s next captain.

Chris Smalling

Chris Smalling is my pic for the England captaincy, he plays centre back, he will be in the centre of England’s defence for a long time, and he has been the most consisted England player over the last 12 months. I have seen interviews with him and he carries himself very well. He is a player who has grown into the centre back role, which, for me, is the kind of player who should be leading your team. Louis Van Gaal also spoke very highly of him during his time at Manchester United. I think if we are going to begin a new era under Sam Allardyce, we need a new captain with the youth and drive to lead England forward.

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