Is Jon Stones Worth £47.5 Million?

As expected Jon Stones is a Manchester City player. The fee of £47.5 million makes Jon Stones the most expensive defender in Premier League history. 

So is Jon Stones really worth £47.5 million?

Well, it depends on how you look at it, Jon Stones defensive stats for the 2015/16 season are not the best. He was 37th in the league when he came to clearances & 59th when it came to tackles. These stats are nowhere near what we expect from a £47.5 million defender. However, in our modern day game, it’s the other stats that can count the most. Out of every defender in the league, Jon Stones was the ranked 4th when it came to successful dribbles, he was ranked 10th when it came too successful passes and 7th when it came to blocks.

When Jon Stones was rumoured to be joining Chelsea last season, I felt a move to Chelsea was wrong for him. Although, when I read Pep Guardiola and Manchester City were interested, I thought we may just see the emergence of a future England captain.

Pep Guardiola sets up his defenders to step forward and pass the ball. The defenders in Pep’s team play more like defensive midfielders, every player within his team have a defensive responsibility. He demands his team retrieve the ball within 5 seconds of losing it. They need to be able to retrieve and play the ball very quickly and looking at Jon Stones stats he can certainly do that.

Jon Stones seems never to panic, he is always confident and relaxed on the ball. This, however, has drawn previous criticism from Everton and England fans because he won’t smash the ball into row Z. Although, I believe he won’t need to under Guardiola.

I remember Gerard Pique leaving Manchester United. He looked like a player who was never going to make at the elite level. He returned to Barcelona and under Pep Guardiola became one of Europe’s best defenders.

Jon Stones did struggle last season; however, every player will make mistakes it’s all about learning from them. I believe he will learn and thrive over the next few years.

Jon Stones currently isn’t worth £47.5 million and I think Manchester City know that. Manchester City has paid £47.5 million not for the 2015/16 Jon Stones, they have paid £47.5 million for the 2018/19 Jon Stones.

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