Consistency Required at Liverpool

Last season, Liverpool struggled with consistency and ended up finishing 8th in the league. Looking at the game against Burnley on Saturday, so far the problem of consistency at Anfield hasn’t been addressed.

Liverpool’s defence has come under a lot of scrutiny over the last 18 months and has taken much of the blame for Liverpool’s erratic form. Liverpool’s defence is poor and will definitely need strengthening before the window closes. However, Liverpool defence isn’t the major problem Jurgen Klopp needs to address if he hopes to challenge for European football. He needs to invest in players who can consistently turn up to every game.

The current Liverpool squad can beat anyone, as they showed against Arsenal in the opening game of the season. Yet, as we saw on Saturday, the players who ran the Arsenal defence ragged during the second half at the Emirates were nowhere to be seen at Turf Moor.

Adam Lallana is a player I rate highly, he’s an intelligent footballer with lovely distribution; he’s a strong tackler and is good with both feet. The issue with Adam Lallana is that one week he’s unplayable, the next week you don’t even notice he’s on the pitch. It’s the same with Jordon Henderson, on his day his ability to find a player in behind the opposition’s defence is second to none. However, he’s one of the most inconsistent midfielders in the league.

It’s the same throughout the squad: Mignolet Lovern, Moreno, Sturridge, and Firmino all lack the consistency required to finish anywhere near the top 4.

Georgino Wijnaldum & Sadio Mane both joined in the Summer, after both having a decent season last season at their previous clubs. Georgino Wijaldum was Newcastle’s top scorer last season with 11 goals, which included an amazing four-goal haul against Norwich. Although he was Newcastle’s best player, they still got relegated and he often faded out of games, especially after Christmas.

Sadio Mane was Southampton’s top scorer last season with 15 goals in all competitions but he often struggled with his form throughout the season and was often dropped to the bench by Roland Koeman.

Phillipe Coutinho has been the best player Liverpool have had over the past 12 months but, for me, sometimes when the game isn’t going Liverpool’s way he can lose his concentration  and often makes stupid decisions at crucial times.

Since the departure of Luis Suarez in July 2014 and with Steven Gerrard moving to America, Liverpool have been unable to find players who can lead,inspire and drag the rest of the team over the line. If Liverpool are going to challenge for the Europe this season, they are going to need players who can do that week in week out.


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