A Review of Big Sam’s Squad

Sam Allardyce has named his first England squad for the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers against Slovakia and Malta.

To be fair, I do agree with most of the players chosen by Big Sam. However, I do have some issues with certain inclusions and exclusions within the squad.

I have already discussed Marcus Rashford missing out on the senior squad because of Allardyce’s rule about his players starting regularly at their clubs, even though he has been starting every game for Everton Ross Barkley has missed out on selection. Ross has been in superb form so far this season and his quality and ability is something that deserved acknowledgement with a place in the squad. Sam Allardyce said the reason for Ross missing out was “Ross is a difficult one because he has been playing quite well since the start of the season, but the change of position for Wayne Rooney makes it difficult for him”. If we are not going to select players based on the need to include other players then we should look at each player’s current form and make an informed decision based on that, and not on sentiment.

Wayne has been confirmed as captain and the circus around the leader seems to be put to bed. I personally felt that Wayne’s time as captain was up but, aside from  a lacklustre performance against Iceland, he has captained the side well. After I heard the rumour that the next captain was going to be Jordon Henderson, I was more than happy to see Wayne with the armband.

I was pleased to see Danny Drinkwater given another chance as he was unlucky not to get into the squad for the Euro’s. However, his England career may have benefited from not being associated with that disaster.

Theo’s Inclusion has stirred up the football masses, but I like Theo and at international level he can make a real impact. He could have made a real difference against Iceland if Roy had taken him.

Whatever we all feel about Sam’s choices, we all need to focus on supporting our national team and looking forward to a dominating campaign leading to a possible World Cup title. 🙂

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