Premier League Player of the Month Review

The results are in and Chelsea’s Eden Hazard has been voted as the Premier Leagues player of the month for August with 41% of the votes.



Is this the correct decision?

Well, to decide we need to look at all the candidates:

Antonio Valencia  

The Manchester United veteran  came second with 34% of the vote. Valencia has started the season superbly at right back. Manchester United play a 4-2-3-1 formation, with two sitting defensive midfielders and three attacking midfielders supporting the lone striker, the attacking midfielder’s drift inside leaving Manchester United short of width. However, Valencia’s pace and ability to run at defenders has given Manchester United another dimension on the wings. Valencia’s work rate and determination have been second to none and he deserved his nomination.

Curtis Davies

Hull’s resilience this season has been commendable, and Curtis Davies has been an integral part. Hull only have 14 fit players at their disposal and, add the fact they lost their Manager a few weeks before the season started, it’s been a diffcult time for the East Yorkshire club.

We all expected them to be the whipping boys of the league. However, under the leadership of Davies, they have shown the heart and desire of true tigers. Davies was fantastic against Manchester United and looked liked he wouldn’t be out of place in the England Squad.

Every Hull player deserves acknowledgement for their performances throughout August, especially their captain.


Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling has been reborn under Pep Guardiola this season, he has shown the quality we all saw when he burst on to the scene at Anfield. His interlinking and passing have been brilliant, he has found his scoring boots and looks dangerous everytime he gets the ball. Its truly remarkable the impact Pep has made on Sterling’s game.

Sterling would have been my choice for the award,  I think Sterling’s past may have influenced the voting slightly. Especially after his lacklustre performance for England on Sunday. I am one of the few people who rate Sterling and, in my opinion, he deserved a higher percentage of the vote.

Even though I personally would have voted for Sterling, the stats do prove that Hazard deserved to walk away with the accolade. We can see how dominating Hazard has been over the last month.

Stats from @OulalaGamesinfographic-edenhazard-28129.jpg

He Struggled for form last season, however this season his ability to beat a player has returned.He has been a real nuisance for defenders, scoring twice and having a pop 14 times, his goal against Burnley was sublime.

The last time we saw Hazard play this good, he won player of the year and Chelsea ran away with the league.


  1. I can’t agree with Hazard getting anything due to Chelsea’s first team conspiring to play poorly to get rid of Jose Mourinho. It was unethical, unprofessional and should have gotten the lot of them booted from professional football.


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